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Carroll County Genealogical Society
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Carroll County Genealogical Society

Westminster, Maryland
The following list of maps are presented as research aids:
Carroll County Related Maps
Election Maps
Other Maps
1824 Land Record - Priestland - Shows the road from Evan McKinstry's Mill on Sam's Creek to UnionTown
1862 Martenet's Map of Carroll County, Maryland : entirely from actual surveys
1863 Military Map of Carroll County
1873 Plat of Union Bridge, Carroll County
1911 Postal Map - Rural Delivery
Railroad Maps
1831 Baltimore & Ohio Survey Map - pre Carroll County 
1858 Baltimore & Ohio main and tributary railroad lines
Baltimore Maps
1857 - Map of the city and county of Baltimore, Maryland 
1869 - E. Sachse, & Co.'s bird's eye view of the city of Baltimore
Historical Maps
Joshua Fry Map - 1755A map of the most inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole province of Maryland with part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina.  From the Library of Congress
Postal Map - Published c.a. 1796 - A map of the United States exhibiting post roads & distances: the first sheet comprehending the nine northern states, with parts of Virginia and the territory north of Ohio.  From the Library of Congress
Maryland in Liberia - This area is mentioned in Frederick County Manumission Documents when freed slaves were to leave Maryland and go to Liberia.
The Tracey Map - Maryland Special Collections -  Digital image scanned from a hand-drawn map by Grace Tracey showing the entire county with Dr. Arthur Tracey’s information on roads, Indian trails, waterways, land patents before 1756, etc. Unknown date, late twentieth century. Size: 32” by 32.” 
Maryland Maps
1767 Map of Virginia and Maryland
1768 Map of Maryland and Pennsylvania - Mason Dixon Line Map
1794 Map of Maryland  as drawn in 1933 
1795 Map of Maryland as drawn from actual surveys
1795 Map of Maryland from the best authorities
ca1827 Map of Maryland
1830 Map of Maryland - Antebellum Maryland, an Interactive Map
1841 Map of Maryland 
The Original Layout of Taneytown - Completed and Recorded in 1762 (Prepared by Arthur G. Tracey, Hampstead, Md.)
Original Land Owners with Deed Information  researched by Jeff Duvall
Westminster Maps
1877 Map of Westminster
Original Westminster Lot Lease Owners researched by Jeff Duvall